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Alden Bryan, A.W.S. (1913 - 2001), born in Missouri and educated in economics at Harvard, settled in Jeffersonville, Vermont in 1940.  While summering on Cape Ann, Bryan caught the allure of Northern Vermont from others in the Rocky Neck artist colony of Vermont.   One trip to Jeffersonville to paint with Charles Curtis Allen was enough to convince Bryan that the attraction could last a lifetime.


As a painter, Bryan's forte was plein air oil painting, which he accomplished on site in twenty-six countries over a span of sixty years. He painted in watercolor for only a brief but intense period, painting the same scenes in watercolor and in oil, and earning membership in the American Watercolor Society* before setting the medium aside. Following the death of his wife, the artist Mary Bryan, Alden Bryan founded Mary Bryan Memorial Gallery in her memory, featuring the work of artists who came to paint in the area. 


He remained the director of the gallery until his death, at which time it was re-named Bryan Memorial Gallery as a tribute to both Alden and Mary. The gallery continues to this day, a non-profit arts institution devoted to the preservation and exhibition of New England landscape painting.

Alden Bryan designed and built this innovative mobile studio for painting outdoors in the harsh Vermont winters. It features a pot belly stove & large windows to view the scenery to be painted. Read story & see pictures.


Waterville Bridge
Yellow House
Cambridge Village
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