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Dinh Ngoc

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31x31, Oil

The Girls with Spinning

The Girls with Spinning

31x 31, Oil

DINH NGOC THANG is a contemporary impressionist painter well established in his home country of Vietnam and an emerging artist in the United States. Thang's modest upbringing in rural Northern Vietnam fostered a love of the agrarian countryside and a deep appreciation for those working its fields.

b. 1973

These enduring feelings from his childhood are heavily reflected in his
work. Thang's emotional landscapes have drawn comparisons to
Monet and his paintings have sold for as much as $50,000 at auction.
Thang's work is increasingly sought after but because of his “emerging”
status in the United States, is listed at an attractive price point for

Born, Dinh Ngoc Thang, in the town of Quàng Xuong,Thang spent
much of his free time as a child in the Vietnamese countryside,
painting. In 1997, Thang began his studies at Hanoi College of Fine
Arts during which time he became a member of the “Young Artists
Group” of Vietnam. Drawing inspiration from “the beauty of
Vietnamese women, the innocence of children, and the scenery of the
homeland,” Thang's scenes of ordinary life began to attract local
attention and following university, Thang began exhibiting his work
throughout Vietnam. In 2004, he exhibited in Thailand, his first
international exhibition. 

Since Thang's first tour abroad, his paintings have been exhibited in
Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South 
Korea, the Netherlands, and the United States, as well as added to private
collections in those countries and beyond. Notable institutions which have exhibited Thang's works include the Vietnamese Museum of Fine Arts, the National Fine Art Exhibition of Hanoi, Art Expo Malaysia, and the Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong.

A noble trait of Thang's is his willingness to give back to his community. In addition to being an art teacher, Thang is involved with art programs that raise money for charity, notably “Operation Smile” and “Heart for Heart,” both in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2015, his oil on canvas, “Ban Mai,” sold for $50,000 and the proceeds helped fund 50 heart surgeries.
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