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Three Days in Jeffersonville

Three Days in Jeffersonville

18x24, Oil

“My experience painting en plein air goes way back—I remember we used to call it “painting outdoors”—and was originally an exercise toward a greater understanding of true color and atmosphere. When I was studying in my early teens and twenties, great teachers like Irwin Greenberg would stress the importance of going directly to the source, avoiding secondhand information like photography. The only way to get to the truth is to stand in front what you’re seeing and respond directly.”

- Garin Baker

GARIN BAKER born and raised in New York City is a realist painter with
a strong focus on working from life. His paintings vary from complex
multi-figure compositions to simple figure studies. Combining a realistic
style with expressionistic engagement, Baker paints a variety of contemporary subjects, from large New York cityscapes filled with bustling people to spacious rural landscapes reminiscent of the Hudson River School.

The artist is renowned for his large-scale public art murals found in major cities in the United States and Europe. In addition to offering apprenticeships to young artists — who develop their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the business of art by working alongside Baker — he also teaches life painting at the prestigious Art Students League of New York. Baker has exhibited in several group and solo shows in the greater New York City area, including American Masters. He was the Grand Prize Winner at Plein Air Easton and the recipient of the Irvine Museum Award. His work has been featured in American Artist and Plein Air magazines.

b. 1961

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