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Fly Fishing Under Covered Bridge

Fly Fishing Under Covered Bridge


Out For a Walk

Out For a Walk


GEORGE VAN HOOK was born and raised in Abington, Pennsylvania, a northern suburb of Philadelphia.  He began painting very early and was able to participate in the vibrant artistic culture of the region. His family owned a farm in Bucks County, home of the Pennsylvania impressionists, and he became heavily influenced by their fine academic training coupled with a love of the prosaic landscape.  

b. 20th Century

Van Hook thinks of his paintings as primarily a visual response to the

selected environment, be it landscape, figure or still life. “I want the color

to be beautiful and the drawing firm and secure”, he says.  he paintings

are a marriage of external and internal forces – what emerges on the canvas should be a reflection of both the beauty of the world and the artist’s most inner response.

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