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JOHN LOUGHLIN was an artist, teacher, lecturer, and illustrator. Highly proficient in both oil and watercolor painting, and known for his fine drawing skills, he once said his preferred medium was watercolor. Well-known for his New England scenes, Loughlin spent many hours painting outdoors with fellow artists.


After serving in the Korean War, Loughlin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a General Excellence Award from the Worcester Art Museum School in 1957 and, in 1964 a Master of Education degree from Clark University in Worcester, MA. The first job he held was as an illustrator and cartographer with the National Geographic Society. Later, from 1961 to 1968, he worked as an illustrator and department head with the United States Naval War College.


Loughlin was an active artist member of the American Watercolor

Lone Pine

Lone Pine


Society in New York City; the Providence Art Club in RI; past president of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society; the Guild of Boston Artists; the Rockport Art Association (RAA); the North Shore Art Association; the Allied Artists in New York City; the Academic Artists; the New England Watercolor Society; and the Hudson Valley Art Association.

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