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LEO MANCINI-HRESKO was born in 1981 in Boston, MA. He is an alumni of The Florence Academy of Art, Italy and is a talented artist and writer. On his website he calls  his work "Observational Painting". 

He has exhibited in numerous galleries including W.H. Patterson, Group Exhibition, London, England; Florence Academy of Art Alumni Exhibition, Florence, Italy; Solomon Gallery, ‘Italian Realism’, Dublin, Ireland; Ann Long Fine Art, Charleston, SC; Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, ‘European Views’, New York, New York; Villa Pacchiani, ‘La reazione del Vero’, Pisa, Italy; Cooley Gallery,

b. 1981

March Thaw

March Thaw

14x18, Oil

Morning Rhythms

Morning Rhythms

20x24, Oil

‘All Paintings, Great and Small’, Lyme, Connecticut; Altitude Fine Art, Realist Art Exhibition, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Cloister of Santa Maria degli Angeli, ‘New Realism’, Florence, Italy; Cami Gallery, ‘Contemporary Florentine Realism’, Florence, Italy; Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, New York; Rarity Gallery, Rarity Summer Salon, Mykonos, Greece; Annual Regional Exhibition, Guild of Boston Artists, Boston, Massachusetts; Converge, 25CPW, New York, New York; Sloane Merrill Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts; New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, Connecticut; and Museum of Landscape, Plyos, Ivanovo, Russia.​


He writes his own blog in which he has featured two posts about his trips to Vermont: "Footsteps in Jeffersonville, VT" from March 16, 2017 and "Jeffersonville" from April 13, 2018. 

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