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Jefferson Town

Jefferson Town

8x10, Oil

"I want my paintings to represent the atmosphere around me at the

very moment I’m using my brush against canvas. This translates into

painting climate, touch, and all the sensory aspects along with the

actual scene," writes Mehdi Fallahian as he describes how he wishes

for his paintings to be perceived.

The thrill of the brush stroke against bare canvas began at the age of

ten for MEHDI FALLAHIAN. As a young boy growing up in Tehran, Iran,

Mehdi would seek out the company of Mr. Abedini, a scholar and painter

widely known throughout Iran. From this master, Mehdi came to absorb

the power and scope of color through impressionistic lenses. He began

to paint by Mr. Abedini’s side and studied the art of not only the great

French Impressionists, but also the great Russian works as well.

Mehdi, whose schooling was in the nuclear engineering field, never ventured far from his true passion of the arts. Over the last fifteen years he has painted out of doors in true Plein Air fashion. All along, he has continued to nurture his dream of someday having a place magnificent enough to create an atmosphere where all could truly be inspired.

Mehdi has extensively traveled the world, meeting like minded artists who share with him that very vision, a gathering destination of those who want peace, camaraderie, and rest from the demands that every day living creates. He has lovingly restored an old farmhouse built in 1897 into an historic replica of the past.

Mehdi is a member of Laguna Beach Art Club and a member of Oil Painters of America. He has taken numerous workshops with well known American Plein Air artists, which include Matt Smith, Charles Sovek, John Budicin, George Stricklen and Ron Rancher.

Mehdi also participates annually in the very prestigious Carmel Art Festival which is held during the month of May. Mehdi has collected many awards for his artwork. The most recent award was a winner of the RayMar Fine Art Competition in 2008.

"I see my art as a way a person can connect with nature, the very force that keeps us grounded and in touch with who we really are and in harmony with our natural surroundings."

Biography courtesy of artist's website.


b. 20th Century

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