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ZUFAR BIKBOV’s interest in painting came early in life from the influence

of his father, a well-respected specialist in engineering. His father’s dream

to become an artist could not be realized in post WWII Soviet Union

during Stalin’s regime.  Although his father was accepted to Nicolai

Fechin's Art school in Kazan (Russia), he had to switch to the school

of Engineering and Architecture. “My dad never pushed me into an

art career”, recalls Zufar, “however,  albums of my father’s watercolors

and a library of Russian Fine Art at our home, along with my father’s

paints and brushes – this environment became fertile soil for artistic

talent to grow."

Zufar began drawing and painting classes at age nine. He was eleven

when he painted his first plein air pieces, depicting nearby village

cottages and a horse resting next to a carriage delivering pies to the

local market. He found this kind of painting more immediate than

painting a still-life or a model in the studio. He fell in love with

landscape painting and started exploring the language of direct

expression— of what was just in front of him.

When the time came to choose a college and profession, his need

to help people led Zufar to a medical career. During his study in

medical school, residency, and finally a move to the United States,

art was never left behind and continued to be an essential part of

his life.  Zufar was honored to participate in the exhibit “Doctors

Paint” in the State Museum of Fine Arts in Kazan and at Yale Medical School.

Zufar’s landscape style leans towards Russian and Soviet era Impressionism. For him art is a continuous experimentation and growth area. More than a decade of traveling and painting in the US has brought his painting palette to a higher key and forged friendships all over the country.

In 2012, he entered the world of competitive plein air painting in the United States,  winning numerous awards in the process. Among those, Zufar treasures most the Artist Choice Award at Plein Air Easton (Maryland), a "Medal of Honor and Merit" from Kent Art Association (the first art organization in the US he joined), the Hudson Valley Art Association Gold Medal, and The Irvine Museum Award, received  during the Laguna Plein Air national competition (Laguna Beach, California).  He has continued to be invited back to these and many other prestigious competitions year after year and plans to continue competing in 2022.

His works are widely represented in private collections in the United States – from New England to California, and abroad, in the UK, Spain, and, of course, in Russia.

Zufar has many followers of his art and considers teaching art  a privilege.

Biography and image courtesy of artist website at

Guillmett House

Guillmett House

12x9, Oil

b. 1974

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