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HGTV in Jeff?

It isn’t a new HGTV Renovation show, though it could be.

So, why would two 74 year olds buy an old, run down building that needs a complete restoration? As Jane says, “This village has a unique sensibility toward historic preservation, with everything in harmony”. She continues that there isn’t one “showstopper”, but that the town as a whole has an historic soul. And much of that heart and soul Jane herself has developed. She and Terry have restored 5 buildings on Main Street in Jeffersonville listed on the National Register of Historic Properties Worthy of Preservation and were involved in getting SEVENTY (Yes, 70) in Jeffersonville alone on the National Historic Register over the past 36 years. Why this one? “Because it sat empty for two years. And we saw it everyday. We had done others. We knew it would lift the spirits of the neighborhood. We know architecture is important. So, here we are.”

Jane and Terry Shaw have an amazing perspective about their work. They care deeply about their town, and know that the projects they do now will last “beyond them”.

Here is the link to the WCAX News story! Everyone is excited for this project.

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