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Vermont in the Summer

Another NVAA June Juried Show winner of years past, Artist Sheila F. Reiss truly captured the blue sky feeling of Vermont in May! We have been enjoying the sunshine and warmth that herald's the coming of summer over the last few days. The trees are full of leaves, the flowers are blooming, and the sky is a shade of blue that only happens in Vermont.

The Cambridge Arts Council, the NVAA, and Visions of Vermont are busy at work organizing the Jeffersonville Art Jam, and we have some wonderful talent lined up for the event, including local food vendors and musicians. Come visit on Tuesdays through Sundays for the NVAA show, and Saturdays for even more happenings. Our town of Jeffersonville is greening up and getting ready to truly welcome folks back. Let's all hope for sunshine, warmth, and safer days ahead for our upcoming show!

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