• Jane & Terry Shaw

Honoring the Memories

Architecture can be beautiful, harsh, soaring, grounding, utilitarian, or fancy. It can make you look, or want to turn away. It is the physical representation of ideas and plans, hopes and dreams. Most importantly, it holds human memories. One of the most touching parts of this restoration happens almost daily. Almost daily, someone comes and shares their memories of this place.

“It was general store, and I would go in to see the beautiful dresses that would hang on those posts. I remember a red one, a yellow one, and a blue one. They were made far away, and were so expensive. But it didn’t cost to look!”

“The owner would drive his horse and wagon to my parents house, they didn’t have car, and he would take their order and return the next day with what they needed. He did that all over town!”

“We had the coldest beer in town, that back room was uninsulated and always stayed cold!”

“Does the apartment still have the drawers upstairs? I remember they were longer than my arm could reach!”

“Oh, the parties they had in that apartment!!! I could look over and see everything!!!”

“We would climb out that window to shovel the snow off the roof, me and the boys.”

Frutti’s, Giddings, Barnard’s Country Corner, The Milkroom Framery, The Farm Store, Bootlegger Bikes, and so many more.

The assorted additions to the back had to come down, they were attached precariously and age hadn’t been kind to them. But there were memories in there, and to honor them the back has a reminder of the space that existed, and still exists in so many peoples minds.

The Footprint of the Additions

Come by and share your memories, or please email us and tell us about what you remember!


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