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One House at a Time

If you live in Jeffersonville, you can't have missed it. The old yellow house in the middle of town is changing. Thanks to Jane and Terry Shaw, it is coming back to life. This is the 5th building on the National Register of Historic Buildings worthy of preservation on the Main Street of Jeffersonville that Jane Shaw and her husband Terry have restored. Three of these buildings make up Visions of Vermont Fine Art Galleries and house the work of some of the highest caliber artists. What will happen with the newest "Vision"?

Before: Main Street Jeffersonville, Vermont

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This is so wonderful! Jane and Terry, I was so excited when I heard you were doing this. Looking forward to seeing in live and in person before too long! Sorry to miss you at the Arts Fest but I trust you were away having a great time! Miss you, your former neighbor, Deb

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