Jeffersonville Winter Rendezvous 2018

Master painters came from all over New England, the United States and Internationally to the Jeffersonville Winter Rendezvous 2018. Visions of Vermont Art Galleries was happy to host many fine artists. 

Some of the participants: (ABC Order) Tom Adkins, Garin Baker, Harley Bartlett, Zufar Bikbov, Kelly Carmody, Beuman Cole, T.A. Charron,  Ken Dewaard, Vitoria Doberstein (translater), Michel Gerard Doucet, Hunter Eddy, Ben Fenske, Nadia Geller, Bob Graves, Mike Graves, Moses Hamborg, Stapleton Kearns, Ken Knowles, Renee Lammers, Leo Mancini-Hzerko, Peter Miller, T.M. Nicholas, Andrew Orr, Rae O'Shea, Rachel Personett, Sergio Roffo, Kim Senior, Eric Tobin, Stewart White, and Peter Yesis with Jane Shaw gallery owner. 

"Work!"Outdoor Painting

"Play!" Russian Snowman

Russian Masters

Zufar Bikbov

Zufar Bikbov was born in 1974 in Kazan, Russia.  At age 9 he started drawing due to his father's interest in art.  Zufar painted his first landscape plein air at age 11.  He went into medical career and was honored to participate in 2002 in the exhibit “Doctors Paint” in the State Museum of Fine Arts in Kazan and at Yale Medical School.

Zufar’s town and landscapes style lean towards Russian and Soviet era impressionism. 


He has recieved awards from CT Plen Air Painters Society, Irvine Museum/Laguana Beach, CA  Plein Air Invitational , Kent,CT Art Assoc., and many others.


He currently lives in Watertown, CT.

His works are widely present in private collections in the United States – from New England to California – in the UK, Spain, and of course in Russia.

Victor N. Butko
Victor Nikolaevich Butko was born in 1978 in Moscow.  He lives in a village of several generations of well known artists; including his grandfather, and his own parents, Nikolai Butko and Marina Chulovichore. (Both graduates of the Imperial Stroganov Art School.) Butko studied under the Russian Academy of Arts at the Moscow Academy Art Lyceum  from 1989-1994. After graduation from art school, Butko went to Vishny Volochok. He is a member of the Moscow Arts Union.

Maxim Mikhalenia


Maxim Mikhalenia was born in 1982 in Kostroma, Russia. He  went to Pavlovskaya school and studied Art and Graphic Department at KSU. 

Irina Rybakova 
Irina Rybakova was born in Vyshny Volochok, Tver region. Her childhood was spent in a village near to The Repin Academicheskaya Dacha. L. Ostrova taught her to paint. At age  11, she went to Art School; at Kostroma State University. She is a realistic painter shown in many fine art galleries and private collections in the USA, Kuwait, Europe, and of course Russia.
Oleg Zhuravelev


Zhuravelev was born in Furmanov, Ivanovo. Oleg lives and works in Moscow within  the Moscow Artists’ Union, and the Artist's Union of Russia were he has been awarded numerous medals of bronz  & silver. A few of his highest honors are the gold ("Symbols of the Fatherland" of the All-Russian exhibition) and  Ministry for Culture’s fellowship of the Russian Federation, 2009.

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